Plagiarism Quiz with Answers – With PDF

Plagiarism is a serious offence (Even legal offence in some cases). It may lead to expulsion from the Institute, legal cases and even more in some cases. You can find the Plagiarism quiz with the answers below which will surely help to improve your knowledge about plagiarism.

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Plagiarism Quiz With Answers

Yes or No Questions with Answers

  • Translating document from a different language and without giving proper citation is also an act of plagiarism.

Yes or No?

Answer: Yes!

You must consent to the original author before translating his or her work and take appropriate usage rights.

  • I am copying my own previously written “original” work “without” referencing it. Will it be considered as Plagiarism?

Answer: Yes!

This act is called self-plagiarism. The idea is, you must share all the resources you are using to develop your current project. So you must cite your personal paper with the proper guidelines. (Even if it is your own)

  • Question: You borrow an essay written by another student and then submit it as your own work. Is this plagiarism?

Yes or No?

Answer: Yes!

Since you are borrowing someone’s work and pretending it as your own, this is a clear violation of the rule. Any act of cheating comes under plagiarism. Also, it can not come under accidental plagiarism.

  • Question: You are downloading an article from a website (or a paper) and now submitting it as your own work. Will it be considered as Plagiarism?

Yes or No?

Answer: Yes!

Since the work is not your effort and you are stealing someone’s copyrighted work. It can even lead you to legal cases if going beyond the limit. This is an act of intentional plagiarism.

  • Question: You are using someone’s quotes or copying the exact paragraph without giving quotation marks. Are you plagiarizing?

Answer: Yes!

It is called the act of plagiarism to copy the paragraph or quotation of others. In such a case, you must give a proper citation and use quotation (blockquote) to write such a part.

Multiple Choice Type Questions – Quiz

  • What is the difference between Endnote and Footnote?
    1. It is the different name for the same thing.
    2. Footnote comes at the end of the page, while endnote comes at the end of the text.
    3. Endnotes come at the end of the page, while footnotes come at the end of the text.
    4. footnotes are only for the books while endnotes are accepted everywhere.

Answer: 2.

Footnotes are written at the end of the page. Endnotes, however, are written at the end of the texts. Read More.

  • You are guilty of plagiarism if
    1. Using the information to support your argument.
    2. Using information and pretending it as your own.
    3. Using the information to gather knowledge.
    4. Trying to alter information without the author’s permission.

Answer: 2, 4

Learning from other resources and using them to support your argument is not unethical. Until and unless you are trying to manipulate without acknowledging the original author and/or presenting someone’s work as your own, you are not doing anything wrong. (Intentionally)

  • Which of the following sentence is correct?
    1. You listed the source at the end but forgot to give quotations to the copied paragraph. This will also come under plagiarism.
    2. It is not enough to cite sources in the bibliography alone because it doesn’t tell which part of the content is copied from the reference.
    3. Copying anything from the internet (website, blog, forum, journal) when no author was listed will still come under plagiarism.
    4. Many people plagiarize with no meaning because most of the people are not aware of it.

Answer: All four.

  • Which of the following works must be cited while using their information.
    1. Newspaper articles.
    2. Websites.
    3. Television programmes.
    4. Journal articles.
    5. Models.
    6. Books.

Answer: All of the above.

  • You are reading something written on a book which is written by someone else. How will you reference it?
    1. By referencing the secondary source. (Which you are reading)
    2. By finding the original source. (Which is written in the book). [Primary referencing]
    3. By giving reference to both the resources. [Secondary referencing].

Answer: It depends and varies from subjects to subject. But in any case, 2 and 3 can be chosen.


All the above statements are true.

You can download the copy of the above Plagiarism quiz as pdf here: Minimal Plagiarism Quiz with Answers.

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