Scientific Way to Cheat Turnitin like Plagiarism Checkers

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Plagiarism checkers like Turnitin are using machine learning to detect similarity in your work. But they are not immune. This article reveals six simple steps to cheat Turnitin like plagiarism checkers.

Understand that there is no tactic that will work forever. And people who tell you the "works all the time" kind of trick are mostly trying to cheat and fool.

Hence, use the advice you find on the Internet with a pinch of salt.

Plagiarism checkers CAN be fooled

Turnitin checks for similar pattern in your write-up. That means the thousands and thousands of sentences are broken in multiple small segments. Then they are checked against other similar patterns available in their database. This database is collected from the documents, websites and blogs.

But Turnitin has a limit.

No software, no matter how intelligent it is, at the point of writing can detect plagiarism in the following situations

  1. Physical papers and research work: Software can not check the work that is not available electronically. This is a real problem because most of the research done in and before twentieth century are not available electronically.
  2. Documents with words on images: Turnitin mentions on it's website they do NOT accept images as the document. As "Optical character resolution" is still not reliable to detect plagiarism, here Turnitin fails.

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Similarity is NOT Plagiarism

While Turnitin may give you the percentage of similarity when you are checking documents side-by-side. Still, similarity in work alone is NOT the only fact that can proof if you have plagiarized or not.

I have seen people accused of plagiarism for 1% similarity while even a 30% red flag in their papers might not be enough to call you a plagiarist.

It is because Turintin only checks for "potential similarity" and not plagiarism unlike they claim.

It is only You and your supervisor can decide whether it is plagiarism or not.

Maybe, you have cited everything correctly and quoted. But if your professor is not excluding "Quoted" content, it is very easy to see all red highlighted blocks in your plagiarism reports.

How to cheat plagiarism checkers in 2020

Now you know why Turnitin is not inevitable and there are loopholes that can trick plagiarism easily, let's understand how to cheat plagiarism checker successfully.

But understand that most popular tricks like "paraphrasing", and changing character colors and

many others might not work in 2020 and beyond.

It's interesting because Turnitin itself has published these tricks on their recent blog.

So simply swapping characters or replacing a character with a similar foreign character also doesn't work on Turnitin.

Here are some interesting tricks to cheat Turnitin anyways. I don't recommend you to use it to bypass your original work. Things change really fast. But this is the food for thought if you want to avoid plagiarism and reduce in your work.

Copy from something that is not available online

A simple way to cheat without getting caught is by copying from a place that is not available to detect. As I said earlier, the Turnitin algorithm can not detect offline work, this is a loophole that will take forever to bring.

Using a combination of images and text

A big limitation of turnitin is inability to read text on images. Hence you can use images to hide the copy. However, you can't simply turn your whole document into an image as it will be invalid.

Translation plagiarism:

Turnitin and most other plagiarism checkers use translators to create similarity reports. Still, they do not support all the languages available on the planet. If you can find a good resource somewhere other than in your language and that too, is somehow not famous, it won't be able to get caught in Turnitin detection.

The Only Way to Get it Right

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So here are the ideas to fool plagiarism checkers in Turnitin.

Unfortunately, Turnitin is not available for everyone. There is no "trick" people are promoting online to cheat Turnitin.

You can hire an essay writing company that can write essays and dissertations for you. Here you can find the best essay writing services.

Writing an essay from most original sources and using the above methods to reduce plagiarism is the best way to trick Turnitin. This is long lasting and bullet-proof method.

Simply trying to cheat a detection software by copying everything will end up being a disaster in your career.

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