The Ultimate Guide: Converting ePub to PDF

You've downloaded an eBook, only to find that your device doesn't support the EPUB format. What do you do? Convert it to a PDF, of course! If you've found yourself in this situation, you're in the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we'll show you how to convert EPUB to PDF.

We will be using a software called Epubor as it is the most comprehensive solution currently in the market. This user-friendly software will make your conversion process a breeze. Let's dive in.

EPUB and PDF are two of the most popular formats for digital books. They each have their strengths, but sometimes, you just need a PDF. Whether it's for compatibility reasons or personal preference, converting EPUB to PDF can make your digital reading experience much smoother.

Understanding EPUB and PDF Formats

Before we delve into the 'how,' let's talk a bit about the 'why.' EPUB, or Electronic Publication, is a widely-used format for eBooks. It's flexible and reflowable, meaning it can adjust to fit your screen size.

On the other hand, PDF, or Portable Document Format, is a fixed-layout format that maintains its formatting regardless of device or screen size.

While EPUB is great for reading on mobile devices, PDFs shine when you need to maintain specific formatting or when you're planning to print the document.

Why Convert EPUB to PDF?

There are several reasons why you might want to convert EPUB to PDF. Perhaps you want to annotate your eBook using tools that only work with PDFs...

Or, maybe you need to print a chapter for a book club discussion. Whatever the case, converting EPUB to PDF can help you get the most out of your digital books.

How to Convert EPUB to PDF

The Ultimate Guide: Converting ePub to PDF 1

Now, let's get to the heart of the matter – converting EPUB to PDF. And for that, we'll use Epubor – a powerful software that excels in eBook format conversion.

Step-by-step Guide Using Epubor

  1. Download and Install Epubor: Visit the Epubor website and download the software. Follow the prompts to install it on your computer.
  2. Add EPUB Files: Open Epubor and click on the "Add" button to import your EPUB files. You can also drag and drop files directly into the software.
  3. Choose PDF as Output Format: On the right side of the software, you'll see a section labeled "Output Format". Click on it and select "PDF".
  4. Convert: After selecting PDF as your output format, click on the "Convert to PDF" button. Epubor will start converting your EPUB files to PDF.
  5. Access Your PDF Files: Once the conversion is complete, click on "Output Folder" to find your newly converted PDF files.

Epubor makes the process of converting EPUB to PDF straightforward and hassle-free. But it doesn't stop at EPUB and PDF. Epubor supports a wide range of eBook formats, making it a versatile tool for all your eBook conversion needs.

The software ensures the conversion is of high quality, maintaining the original layout and formatting of the EPUB file. Its batch conversion feature can also save you time if you're working with multiple files.

Choosing the Best EPUB to PDF Converter?

When looking for an EPUB to PDF converter, it's essential to consider ease of use, conversion quality, and additional features.

Epubor shines in all these aspects, offering an intuitive interface, high-quality conversions, and a slew of features such as batch conversion and metadata editing.

It is not just an "EPUB to PDF converter"; it is your comprehensive solution to eBook management.

Potential Issues and Their Solutions

During the process of converting EPUB to PDF, you might encounter a few issues that could disrupt the smooth transition you hope for. Here are some common problems and their solutions:

  1. Loss of Formatting: One of the main challenges while converting from one file format to another is the loss of original formatting. This can occur due to the difference in how the two formats handle layouts and design elements. 
  2. Conversion Failures: Sometimes, conversion attempts might fail due to problems with the original EPUB file, such as corruption or compatibility issues. If you encounter this problem, try opening the file in an EPUB reader to check if it's valid. If the file opens without any problems, try using Epubor's conversion function again.
  3. Incomplete Conversion: In some cases, you might find that some pages or elements (like images or tables) are missing in the converted PDF file. This could be due to issues with the EPUB file or conversion errors. Software typically handles these issues well, but if you encounter such problems, reaching out to support team can help you troubleshoot and solve the issue.
  4. Metadata Loss: EPUB files often contain metadata like the book's title, author, publisher, and more. During conversion, this metadata might sometimes get lost. However, Epubor retains the metadata during conversion and even allows you to edit it if necessary.
  5. DRM Protection: Digital Rights Management (DRM) is used by publishers to prevent unauthorized distribution of eBooks. If your EPUB files are DRM-protected, you might run into issues during conversion. Fortunately, Epubor also includes a feature to remove DRM, making your conversion process hassle-free.

Optimizing EPUB to PDF Conversion for Kindle Users

For Kindle users, the importance of converting EPUB to PDF cannot be overstated. While the Kindle is a fantastic device for reading eBooks, it doesn't natively support the EPUB format.

However, by converting your EPUB files to PDF, you can easily bypass this limitation and enjoy a broader range of eBooks on your device.

Epubor makes this conversion process seamless for Kindle users. By simply following the step-by-step guide we've provided earlier, you can easily convert your EPUB eBooks to PDF format and transfer them to your

Kindle device. Moreover, Epubor also offers a specific feature for Kindle users - the ability to directly convert to Kindle format (MOBI or AZW3), giving you even more flexibility with your eBook files.

If at any point, you choose to convert your Kindle books to PDF, you will be also able to do that from the software.

EPUB to PDF Conversion for Professionals

Professionals often require more advanced features from their software, and Epubor certainly delivers in this regard.

For instance, if you're working with multiple EPUB files at once, the batch conversion feature of Epubor can be a huge time saver. Simply import all your files at once, and Epubor will convert them to PDF in one go.

Additionally, Epubor also maintains the integrity of complex layouts and designs during conversion, which is critical for professional users working with intricate documents.

The software also allows you to edit metadata and even remove DRM, giving you full control over your eBooks.

Converting Epub to PDF on different devices

on Windows

Epubor is compatible with Windows, and the process for converting EPUB to PDF remains essentially the same.

After installing Epubor on your Windows machine, you can add your EPUB files, select PDF as your output format, and initiate the conversion. Epubor on Windows also offers features like batch conversion, metadata editing, and more.

on Mac

Mac users, worry not! Epubor is fully compatible with MacOS as well. The user-friendly interface and functionality remain the same, so you can convert your EPUB files to PDF with just a few clicks.

Follow the steps provided in the detailed guide above and make use of the same versatile features available to Windows users.

for Mobile Users (Android and iPhone)

For Android and iPhone users, converting EPUB to PDF might require a different approach as Epubor is a desktop-based software. There are several apps available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store that you can use to convert your EPUB files to PDF.

For Android, apps like eBook Converter and EPUB to PDF Converter offer a simple and straightforward conversion process.

For iPhone users, apps like The eBook Converter and EPUB Converter will get the job done.

Keep in mind, however, that while these apps are convenient for on-the-go conversions, they may not offer the same level of functionality and quality as Epubor. For complex and bulk conversions, using Epubor on a desktop would still be the best approach.


To sum up, converting EPUB to PDF doesn't have to be a daunting task. With Epubor, the process becomes a breeze, giving you more time to enjoy your eBooks the way you want to. It's more than just an "EPUB to PDF converter"; it's your go-to tool for all things eBook.

Remember, while Epubor is our recommended software, the world of eBook conversion is broad, and it's always good to explore! Whatever your eBook needs, there's likely a tool out there ready to help. Keep exploring, keep converting, and most importantly, keep reading!

Found this guide helpful? We bet your friends will too! Feel free to share this article with anyone who might benefit from converting EPUB to PDF. Have any queries or suggestions? Drop them in the comments section below. Happy reading!

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