Plagiarism Checker X Ultimate: 5% Discount and Review

Are you looking for a killer plagiarism checker software (that doesn't rob your pockets)?

Plagiarism Checker X can be your secret weapon to win the battle against academic plagiarism.

If you are anyone like me, you are tired of so many plagiarism tools. And probably, you are afraid of crappy, free tools that try to pretend to helping you, but in the end, steal your data and sell it to third parties. (I have seen this! It's horrible)

There are thousands of cases where students run for "plagiarism checker crack" versions and free websites and end up ruining their careers.

This is exactly why I am covering PlagiarismCheckerX


 Plagiarism Checker X is an independent product from a company with same name. It helps you detect and avoid plagiarism in research papers, blogs and write-ups. You can use Plagiarism Checker X in 7 different languages and for detecting any kind of plagiarism in your assignment.

Plagiarism Checker X is being used in over 60 countries and by the students of hundreds of universities from all around the world. It uses sophisticated Artificial intelligence algorithms and advance string matching technology to provide accurate similarity reports.

The Big Problem in Academic Plagiarism Detection

Let's face this

Nobody likes to get caught cheating. And there is a lot of grey area here. There are several cases from universities when students get caught even when they were not cheating at all.

Accidental plagiarism is equally dangerous as intentional plagiarism.

This is why you need a plagiarism checker. But there are many fake tools out there. Often, there are cases where so-called free tools save your entire essay and sell it to third parties.

This means, next time when you will try to submit your write-up, it will come up as "Plagiarized" on your professor's screen.

Ultimate Solution

Plagiarism Checker X can check your essays, documents, and research papers against billions of available documents on the internet.

It can search Google, Yahoo, and even scholarly articles from the database and gives you a Similarity report. 

Plagiarism Checker shows if you have copied anything from the Internet. This way, you can fix it before going for the final submission.

Why Should You Use Plagiarism Checker X

  • It can work offline after first check.
  • It provides similarity reports according to percentage.
  • Needs you to upload data to their servers like Turnitin.
  • Offers bulk upload.
  • Provides side by side checking.
  • Available in 7 international languages.
  • Only pay for once and use forever.

Who is Using Plagiarism Checker X

Students, teachers and universities from over 60 countries use Plagiarism Checker X.

Further said, bloggers, website owners and companies are also enjoying great features provided by Plagiarism Checker X.

Get Plagiarism Checker X

You can get your copy of the software by picking one of the two options below.

Plagiarism Checker X pro

Professional with amazing features. PlagiarismCheckerX costs $39 only for a professional plan. This is good for students.

Get Plagiarism Checker X Pro for Yourself (Licence: Pay once use forever)

Plagiarism Checker X Unlimited

Ultimate plan is best for teachers and researchers. If you need to give access to your team and students, this is the best plan. It costs $147 for the lifetime.

Get Plagiarism Checker X for business or organization (Licence: Pay once use forever)

Is Plagiarism Checker X Safe?

I am glad that you asked! Plagiarism checker x is NOT a website but a product. That means, you will download it on your computer and will use it. So you don't have to upload anything to their servers. In fact, you can use it offline after your first run. You can get all the details on their website if you prefer.

Plagiarism Checker X for Mac

Unfortunately, plagiarism checker X is not available for Mac devices. If you are using Mac, I recommend ProWritingAid Plagiarism Checker. This is a swiss-knife for Grammar checking and plagiarism detection for students and scholars.

Here is the link to the ProWritingAid Plagiarism Checker

Final Words

If you are wondering whether this tiny investment will be worth it or not, think of all the consequences of getting caught in plagiarism. 

Don't rely upon free tools for something important. Plagiarism checkers are very advance and they can easily detect synonyms and small tricks shared on the Internet. The only way to win against plagiarism is by using a good plagiarism checker.

Limited 5% Plagiarism Checker X Discount


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