Complete Guide to Turnitin Free Trial

If you are looking to buy Turnitin, getting a free Trial Account can be a wiser choice beforehand.

Recently, Turnitin announced the new Revision Assistant in latest announcement. But unfortunately, the trial is not available for students. So this guide will also let you discover the alternatives and more options.

In case you are a student or you are an independent teacher who doesn't have a school Turnitin access, scroll down to Turnitin Trial Alternatives section.

How to Sign Up for a Free Trial

To avail free trial account for, you will need to register at RevisionAssistant. After clicking on "start" button on the top, you can add your details including the school name, Teacher ID and more. This will create a temporary account that you can use for a limited time.

Perks Included in A Free Turnitin Trial

The free trial will run for 60 days in total including the weekends. You will get one teacher account for yourself and hundred student accounts. You will get complete access to Revision Assistant prompts and resources. RevisionAssistant is a product from the same company name that helps teachers manage homework better. It can be used along with a learning management system to provide better understanding for students.

Is there Any Turnitin Free Trial for Students?

No. Turnitin doesn't offer any free test account, trials or such offer for students. However, the students who are under the supervision of a teacher, can get a free account under a teacher account. This can be used to submit their documents. You might want to ask your teacher or supervisor regarding it. 

Otherwise, you can use the alternatives discussed below.

Turnitin Trial Alternatives

Turnitin is a plagiarism checker made for universities and institutes. Unfortunately, you can not get access to a Turnitin account if you are a student, independent teacher or a researcher.

In this case, you can get your hands upon other good plagiarism detection tools like I discussed in the previous articles.

A tool like Plagiarism Checker X can be the perfect alternative as it uses sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms to detect similarity in your document. If you are a teacher or a researcher who needs multiple accounts, a lifetime Unlimited account can solve your problem.


Turnitin free trial can be useful for those who are planning to buy a new account. However, it is not a perfect software. There are many scenarios where students were able to sneak upon their "so called" security. However, with a large library of database, Turnitin is a good tool for teachers who can get access to a 60 days test account.

In case you don't want to spend thousands on Turnitin and all you need is a good enough, safe plagiarism checker software, Plagiarism Checker X or Grammarly can be the perfect alternatives.

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